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Residential It Services

When you come home from work, the last thing you want is a headache from a computer problem. Or maybe you work from home. We guess you still donít want that headache. Let us make your life easier and fix those problems for you.

Weíve been helping people out for over 14 years. We can be your personal cheat sheet if you donít have the time or energy to spend learning about routers, wireless connectivity or a certain application. Who wants to do that in their spare time anyway? TexxSupport provides quick installations, answers and tutorials in a blink of an eye.

Below is a sampling of some of the services we offer. Donít see what youíre looking for? Give us a call. More than likely we can help. If we canít, we know someone that can.
  • Router installation
  • Wireless connectivity Ė surf the web wirelessly, print wirelessly, etc.
  • Installing spyware and virus protection
  • Day-to-day troubleshooting and desktop support
  • Servicing to server and work stations
  • Training available on Microsoft Office, Adobe products and other applications
  • And much more
Who wants to be hassled with another IT problem at home? Let us worry about the details, so you can focus on whatís important to you. Call us today at 214-573-6569 or feel free to email us at to take something off your plate.